Seguimos Zapateando: Los Mejicas 50th Anniversary Celebration

Dear fellow Mejica,

We are writing today to invite you to the 50th Anniversary celebration of Grupo Folklorico Los Mejicas, SEGUIMOS ZAPATEANDO: LOS MEJICAS 50TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION.

We are excited to share the registration page for the event, where you can purchase tickets for yourself and guests; tickets are $20 per person. We encourage each Mejica who is attending to purchase their individual tickets.

The celebration activities include a symposium on Friday, November 11, 2022, and a banquet on Saturday, November 12, 2022; both events will be held on campus. Seats are limited for the symposium, so please only register for the symposium if you will be able to attend. Buy your tickets now!

We are excited to have this opportunity to reflect on the great accomplishment of having this student-run organization survive and thrive for five decades. Looking back 50 years can be an emotional experience; we hope the many memories of being young, energetic, and idealistic about our futures will delight each of us and culminate in great joy when we come together on campus in November. Since its beginning, the organization's values have been to give Latinx students a home away from home in a place that celebrates Mexican culture. This was especially important in 1972 when so few Latinx students were on campus. Very importantly, Mejicas has always been open to students of all races and cultures and welcomed all majors.

We have a small exhibit at the McHenry Library on the third floor by the Special Collections office of historical images from the past 50 years that will be open for the entire fall quarter. We intend to establish an archive of Mejicas memorabilia at the library, which the University will permanently maintain so that our history will live perpetually at UCSC. We also ask you to review your files for any memorabilia you may have that can be included in the historical archive

Please consider donating or sharing the crowdfunding page; we are raising funds for Los Mejicas in honor of 50 years, and to make sure we last another 50.

Let us know if you have any questions at Please check out our website to find out more information at

¡Nos vemos pronto, Mejicas!

50th Anniversary Alumni Planning Committee

Remember once a Mejica, always a Mejica!