Why Donate?

Los Mejicas celebrating their 47th annual Spring Show (La musica que nos mueve, La cultura que nos une)

Why we need your support:

 As a student-run, student-directed dance company Los Mejicas has actively created a community of inclusion through art, music and dance. Los Mejicas has gained an outstanding reputation for the positive impact they have had on the students, alumni and the campus community. Some of our achievements include: 

  • Providing an environment where Mexican traditions and language are preserved and promoted.
  • Offering our members academic credit for participation in Los Mejicas.
  • Participating and performing at statewide and national conferences.
  • Producing an annual concert at the Performing Arts Main Stage Theater--one of the few events held at UCSC that consistently attracts a Spanish-speaking audience from throughout California and beyond. 

Three of our major expenses include:

  1. Rental of Performing Arts Mainstage for our Spring Concert     $3,957.25
    (Cost based on our latest Spring Concert)
  2. Costumes (cleaning, repairing, and purchasing new ones)        $5,700.00
  3. DUF Conference (reg., hotel, transportation)                                $4,000.00

         Total: $13,641.25


Please help us maintain Los Mejicas as a vibrant cultural and academic resource on this campus by making a contribution