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    May 25, 2018

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    46th Annual Spring Show

    March 1, 2018

    Join us for in celebration of Los Mejica's 46th Annual Spring Show, June 8 & 9 at Main Stage! Every year Grupo Folklórico Los Mejicas puts together a two-hour dance performance at UCSC's Theater Arts Main Stage. Student-led throughout the year, the event culminates the year-long learned repertoire from the different regions and states of México. 

  • Paola Gomez 3rd year Los Mejicas member.

    Dancing for joy: Los Mejicas dance troupe provides a home away from home

    January 7, 2018

    "The original idea wasn't to be a performance group, but it was something we enjoyed doing," she said. "When I was a student, there weren't many minorities on campus, so it was a place to enjoy Mexican culture, food, and traditions—although we're open to everyone. We always have been. We've always had non-Chicano participants."

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    Danzantes Unidos Festival

    April 8, 2016